Field Solutions for Building Construction

At BuildingPoint, our line of hardware, software, and service offerings streamlines communication and collaboration and achieves greater efficiency throughout the design, build, operate lifecycle.

Our solutions are designed to help everyone involved in the construction process. No matter what size the job.

Robotic Total Stations/Lasers

Trimble Robotic Stations/Lasers feature easy, one - person operations with the ability to set up anywhere and perform all job site layout and measurement tasks.

Robotic Total Stations:

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Data Collectors

Trimble data collectors allow you to move point data between the office and the field.

Data Collectors:

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Trimble's 3D Scanning Solutions offer rapid and economical capture of high - resolution data in a lightweight package.

Scanning Models:

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Field Office Software

Whether working with building information models (BIM) files or conventional 2D drawings, you need the ability to translate critical points to the field.

Field Office Software:

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Rental Fleet

Our rental fleet includes the most up-to-date Trimble equipment to meet your building construction needs. We have a large variety of rental inventory available for fast, overnight delivery. All Trimble rental equipment is available for both long term and short term rentals at the most competitive rates in the country. We also take time to configure and test everything before shipping it for overnight delivery, giving you more time of increase productivity. Click here to view some of our most popular rentals.

Scanning & 3D Modeling Services

Not interested in purchasing? We offer full scanning services using 3D Scanners to capture existing information, retrofit products, redesign, clash inspections and design/as-built comparisons. BuildingPoint’s laser scanning services are available on both a project-based and time/materials basis, allowing you to customize this service to your specific budget and scope of work. To learn more about our Virtual Design and Construction Services, click here.

Repair Services

Need a Repair or a Clean and Calibrate? Our Service Department can get you back on the job fast! For more information, call 866-866-9262 or email us at BuildingPoint’s Service Department is equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment for the repair of all kinds of Building Construction equipment. We can clean and calibrate your equipment to keep it performing at its best. If you have an optical instrument that either needs to be serviced or does not work and you would like to have the problem diagnosed click here to see our service page for more information.

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