crewsight_page_badge2To improve visibility into the costs of labor on building construction projects, Trimble has created a flexible and scalable system that is easy to deploy and one that is perfectly suited to the rigors of a construction work site.

With Trimble CrewSight, project leaders have the ability to clearly see and analyze the actual hours crews are on site, what zones of the site crews are working and ensure that everyone on site has proper clearance to be there.

Safety first

With workplace safety a growing concern among contractors, Trimble CrewSight lets you track personnel while they are on site and account for each team member when emergency situations arise. The system lets you monitor skills, qualifications and clearances to keep on-site workers safe. Depending on the needs of your work site, Trimble CrewSight can be tailored for use in traditional entry-exit areas, hard access control gates and open access zones for vehicle entry.

Optimize work planning

CrewSight-ProductUsed in conjunction with a project management system such as Trimble Prolog, CrewSight can enable tight tracking of progress to pinpoint discrepancies and identify opportunities to optimize the work process.

Sort and analyze a wide range of labor statistics or trends. Compliance requirements like municipal hiring, Women’s Business Enterprise and Minority Business Enterprise requirements typically require a manual process for detailed reporting. Trimble CrewSight compiles the info you need and streamlines the reporting process.

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