Project Management

Prolog software is the leading construction project management solution for contractors and other AEC firms, providing a complete system of record for managing project information, from the field to the back office. Designed by construction professionals for construction professionals, Prolog is built for project managers accountable for construction costs, scope and schedules, and for project teams responsible for the successful delivery of projects. Download our Prolog Solution Brochure.

Only Prolog gives you the flexibility to access construction project data through a variety of interfaces and devices, so that your project teams get critical information when and where they need it. Our Desktop, Web and Mobile solutions allow contractors and their teams to work online or offline, and in the office or out in the field. With Prolog, you can work from anywhere, anytime.


Prolog Converge

Prolog Converge is a Web-based construction project management application powered by Prolog, the industry standard for successful construction project delivery.

Today’s construction organizations face many collaboration challenges including how to bring extended project teams together across geographical locations, in online and offline environments, and across different technology systems and devices. By providing a rich Web-based user interface on a powerful Web services platform, Prolog Converge allows you and your project teams to collaborate more efficiently and gives users flexible choices in how they access critical project data.

Prolog Converge offers robust featured in Collaboration, Reporting, Document Management, Field Management, Mobile Solutions, and BIM integration.  Read the Prolog Converge Datasheet for more details.

Prolog Manager

Prolog Manager is a Windows-based construction project management application offering the most complete system of record for capturing and managing project information, from the field to the back office.  Prolog Manager is designed for project managers who are accountable for construction costs, scope and schedules.  Built on the Microsoft SQL Server database platform, Prolog Manager delivers robust performance and real-time visibility for managing construction projects and programs.

Prolog Manager features collaboration, purchasing management, cost control, document management and field administration capabilities.  Read our Prolog Manager datasheet for more details.

Prolog Mobile

Bringing Prolog Project Management to the Field

Prolog Mobile brings you the power of Prolog right where construction happens—in the field. Natively built for mobile devices, Prolog Mobile lets you access and capture critical Prolog project information straight from your iPad or Windows Mobile device. Prolog Mobile empowers field staff by extending the power of Prolog to mobile devices without any special integration.

Prolog Mobile enables field staff to view current project information and to manage construction oversight activities, with or without an Internet connection. Data is collected in real time from the field and sychronized with Prolog back in the office, creating a complete system of record for all project data.


Learn more by downloading the Prolog Mobile Datasheet.


Building Optimal Productivity

To keep your building construction projects on track, you need smart workflows and tight collaboration from start to finish.

Get the most from your team with a mobile tool designed to optimize field management and total productivity. Trimble ProjectSight keeps contractors and subs in-sync throughout the build with simple, dedicated workflows that anyone can use.

Visualize Your Job Site From The Office

proj-image-2Eliminate delays between the field and the office. With ProjectSight, information entered in the field is immediately available to the entire project team.

Capture photos in the field to verify the status of everyday site inspections and progress reports.

Empower teams with over 18 standard forms specifically designed for construction management.

In The Field

proj-image-3ProjectSight’s easy-to-operate Plan View lets you pin issues directly on your floor plans, giving your project team unequaled visibility into project data.

  • Quickly log new issues from the field
  • Easily move between projects
  • All project data is at your fingertips on your iOS device
  • Web-based management interface lets you keep projects under control wherever you are

Designed For Building Construction

proj-image-4On the job site, construction managers have access to all of their project information, all the time. ProjectSight’s mobile technology is designed to work from anywhere – with or without an internet connection.

The automated workflow system keeps your projects moving with automatic alerts and notifications, eliminating costly communication delays.

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